About River

We are believers in creativity, intelligence and the power of transformation. 
Advocates for a courageous attitude toward an ever-changing world. Together, we obsess.
 We let our obsession get the best of us
 and take pride in what it makes us accomplish together. We are River.

We live in a restless, ever-changing world, always as preoccupied with the next season as the current. For us at River, the twists and turns of the last two decades have made evolution second nature. We are constantly on the move, updating our thinking, our skills and our constitution to fit the needs of the near future.

River is a creative hybrid agency. We transcend the traditional boundaries between a variety of disciplines. Our design methodology and technology expertise is our guiding stars, and define the approach in everything we do.


In a world of constant transformation our offer is never rigid and our advantage is often discovered in the cross disciplinary areas. The offer consist of five main areas illustrated here.

By combining creativity, intelligence and the power of transformation, River delivers highly competitive services across its’ areas of expertise. Founded in 1997, with headquarters in Stockholm, River now serves the entire Nordics with over 60 professionals.


Reputable clients range from local to global brands.


Experience Design & Technology

Designing for experiences is fundamentally about people, their activities and the content of those activities. And in 2017, the context of people’s activities is going way beyond just screens. For us, experience design is not a checklist, a recipe, or a series of maneuvers; it is a way of thinking. It uses brand as a compass for identifying differentiated value and experience. It considers how products, services, and solutions play a role in delivering value over time and how this must be accounted for even in the early phases of innovation or the product design process. It also considers a customer’s experience as unfolding over time, across multiple stages and touchpoints, all of which determines how value is perceived and whether or not the relationship is healthy or failing.

Our experience design offer includes: Brand design, business design, service design, user research, workshop facilitation, UX, UI, prototyping, development.

Brand and campaign development

We live in an era where consumers sets the rules on how they, if they want to, interact and forge their personal relationship with brands. To stay relevant, agencies need to understand and embrace transformation and the ever-changing landscape. And also have the courage to act and evolve accordingly. For us, being a creative is about challenging the status quo and providing clients with the direction and pace they need to create those relationships. We do this by getting to know the full context of the brands and by developing concepts and campaigns that resonates with their target groups on terms they accept and through the channels they use.

Our work is crafted through three principles:

1) Process: Insight is everything. Given or found, insight is the thought behind every great idea.

2) Approach: We are channel agnostics. We prioritize effect over channel. The idea is the leading ground.

3) Method: Energy is generated through friction. Friction is needed to create motion and motion is needed to lead and follow.

Our brand and campaign development offer includes: Brand Strategy, Planning, Conceptualization, Ideation, Workshop Facilitation, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting and Campaign planning.

Design production

The Studio is River’s design and production offer, serving all other teams in the executional phase. The offer includes both classical and digital production. The studio fully fluent in design methodology, print technology, motion production and standard practices regardless of medium. In recent years, the offer has primarily expanded within motion media production. It’s a highly flexible team, accustomed to short deadlines with a highly dedicated mindset. We take genuine pride in executing the urgent and often complex delivery phase, and we are known and appreciated for always delivering high technical precision on time. The Studio is organized to interface directly with clients, typically under a retainer-based agreement, or as part of a wider agency team.

Social & Digital Management

We create content that build brands, engage and convert. This is why it’s critical for us to master the nature and inner mechanics of every touch point of today’s communication landscape. To engage a given audience with a brand or message, we create stories based on any platform’s best practices. We build social strategies and create social concepts that serves our copywriting, image and video production. We also localize content for each market with sound regional considerations. We do calendar planning, posting and publishing. We share our reports and analysis aimed at continuously optimizing the intended effect. We manage Newsletters, Websites, Apps and general maintenance while collaborating with UX when A/B testing everything we do. Our obsession is each story’s transformation and  journey, from the spark of an idea to the final delivery with maximized effect on the intended target.

Customer acquisition & retention

On a daily basis, we plan, develop and execute various digital marketing activities in order to drive traffic and increase conversion through CRM, SEO, SEM, PPC, marketing automation and SOME. We develop and implement strategies that increase the efficiency and ROI of our clients digital business. We create a link between content and commerce. We are not just providing a service, we offer a partnership. We share the risk with our clients by making a solid commitment to the end goal; conversion! Therefore we created a different business model for these kinds of operations; -a revenue-share based model were our compensation is directly driven by the result (rather than time spent). As this business model is not linked to our consultant time, it has no cap and scales.