Crowd-sourced weather information

Kourou the Weather Guru. A New Type of Weather App


River Labs




Experience Design

A River Labs initiative

The story about Kourou the Weather Guru started at an internal River Labs hackathon, where the idea of crowd-sourcing weather information came up. Kourou was then designed and developed in-house at River by the Experience Design team.

What is it?

Kourou the Weather Guru is an effortless weather app that provides you with the most accurate weather report possible at all times. Kourou operates in real-time, down to the second. Ask humans around the world to give you an accurate report of the current weather with just one click. If nobody is around, you will still get the best data out of the best weather bots around.

While you’re checking the weather, Kourou is always there to keep you company. Download here


  • Client: River Labs

  • Team: Experience Design

  • Year: 2016

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