From basic to boss in social media advertising

by Christina Berthelsen

If you are responsible for social media, put your hand up if you have ever been asked who you want to target with your communication… and you give the answer: “Well, everyone”. Because essentially everyone could benefit from your product, so everyone should see your marketing, right?

Yes and no. Mostly no.

I have seen a surprising amount of companies (smaller or international) that run all of their Facebook marketing to “People aged 18-65 living in Sweden”. I like to compare this to standing on a busy spot in the city and start shouting your message, hoping that people will stop and ask you for more information. If you have an awesome message, awesome content and an awesome product, there might be a few willing to stop and listen, but the large majority will ignore you or be annoyed by you. It is the exact same scenario when targeting to everybody – except you pay to have people ignore you online.

What you should do instead is aim to find the people that will actually stop and listen to you.

But how?

If you already know exactly who you want to target and would never dream of targeting to everyone available on the platform: awesome! We can help you find out where your target group hangs out. Not just who they are on e.g. Facebook and how to get to them but whether or not Facebook is even the right place for you or if it would be better to go for Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr or another social media channel. Maybe we will discover a secondary target group you did not know about, maybe we will find out that you need to readjust the target group a bit.

But you instead just raised your hand mildly embarrassed, don’t worry! For me that just means a clean slate and a playground of testing is waiting. (weeeee!). And in comes Facebook Ads Manager with a magical world of experimenting, creating custom audiences or lookalike audiences, testing, split-testing, optimizing, learning from insights and then doing it all over again. It is a delightfully endless universe of possibilities to tweak and fine-tune to reach exactly the people that will drive your business goals forward.

(I am using Facebook Ads Manager as an example in this blog post as Facebook is the social media platform where the most companies buy some sort of paid reach. There are many more channels and possibilities than just Facebook, all depending on strategy).

Go from basic to boss

Better yet, you can install a Facebook pixel on your website and open up an entire new world of possibilities for ads and targeting based on the people that visit your website. A Facebook pixel is the link between your website and your Facebook page, which works in somewhat the same way as Google Analytics. Without this, you can only see that your followers clicked a link on your Facebook page, but with a Facebook pixel you can track what your followers do on your website after they clicked the link. Do they leave immediately? Do they browse around? How much time do they spend on your website? Did a social post lead to a sale? With this information, you can start comparing your social media efforts to other marketing efforts and start measuring ROI on your social media efforts.

Run split-tests between different placements and audiences, test different creatives (which is now possible in the same ad!), experiment with different kinds of posts. Analyze, optimize, analyze again, find the learnings that can be found and use them going forward.

Social media is not just fluff.

It can be, depending on how serious you are with social media. But if you want to get results, you will have to get your fingers dirty (which we will gladly do for you) – it will make a difference.

Christina Berthelsen
Content Manager