Listen. Understand. Improve. And keep going.

by Teresa Kuntze

Clearly, the ongoing change how people communicate, connect, and discover has an immense impact on future businesses and business values. Creating sticky habits is the way to ensure user values and business impact.

User value vs. business value

Creating meaningful businesses in the future require a new way of understanding and the right usage of methodologies to create user value.

Those companies that still create strategies and communication based on self-made user-insights are losing the battle. The translation of marketing and business ideas into real user value need a new generation of acceptance and curiosity to listen to the real consumer – the user.

Listening diversity is a clear user value. So Spotify became an everyday darling because of its unlimited access to music.


Instant availability creates instant shopping needs. So Amazon became a native first-choice partner for shopping-, smart home and entertainment because of it’s distracted and connected building ecosystem and service environment.

Both of the named examples deliver a strong value proposition focused on the user needs, expectations and interaction level.

Instead of creating business out of marketing filter bubbles, start building pattern on users interaction to create real user value. The tangible user value enable brands the creation of experiences by delivering a highly desirable service and product.

Tools are just waiting to be used

There are various design and strategic-conceptual processes on how you can generate deep insights from users and customers to create user values and the future businesses.

Data is the gatekeeper when it comes to insight-generation without talking to each other. Data pioneers made already the first step. Let us start creating the right model for every brand and company, which allows testing customer behavior and interaction to sharpen the marketing and commercial funnel and to find the right call to action by using the right value proposition.

Google started using framework-based design sprints for very good reasons. Lego enhancing innovation and business performance through bricks we used to built houses as a child with.

You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation – Plato

The importance of user value, and the curiosity of different methodologies, is key to success in the future.

So start building user values by using the work pioneers have done. Design sprint, A/B testings, lean-build SEO-landings, user research through interviews, user testing, focus interviews. There is a whole new world of user insight to discover. Are you properly prepared to listen, understand and improve today? We will know tomorrow.

Teresa Kuntze
UX Lead