Set a strategy and throw it away

by Fanny Lövenheim

No matter to what extent you work with social media, you should have a strategy for how to do it. This might sound obvious, but if you’re spending time on it you’d better know why you are doing it. Once the strategy is set, you make sure to stick to it and everything should be going your way, right? No. You must change it. Again. And again. And again. Because the moment your strategy is last season, it’s time to trash it and redo your work.

Social fluff turns into social stats

When asking businesses why they have social media accounts, the answer is often quite vague. My guess is that they got them a few years back when every headline read “Every business should have social media”. So now they’ve got it, but have are struggling to clarify why or what to do with it.

In many people’s minds social media is that fluffy stuff, and often when I ask what they want to achieve with their accounts, the answer is “do something fun”. And while it all looks fun with the feed being full of cats, dogs, memes and gifs. It isn’t as fluffy as it looks.

It’s one of the most measurable communication channels and drives traffic, conversation and sales. So if you’re thinking nobody knows that you spent three hours looking at baby goats doing parkour yesterday, think again. Because everything we do on social media transforms from social media fluff to social media statistics.

Never before have we known as much about our target groups as we do now. We see how the target groups react, engage and share online. We know what they’re interested in, where they travel, if they’ve recently moved, and the name of their favorite restaurant. With all this information, the possibilities to make sure people get reached by content that are relevant to them are endless, which in the end effects the bottom line of the business if the strategy is set right.

So according to me it goes without saying. If a company has chosen to spend some work hours on the social media channels, they must know that it’s more than just social media fluff.

The need to change

Once you’ve set a strategy that you see is working for your business, you shouldn’t cling to it or hold it too dear. It’s already time to change it. Because if a social media strategy is more than 6 months old, it’s probably time to trash it.

In the same pace that the platforms are updating their formats, the users change the way they use them. Planning to publish in a certain ad format or doing certain updates on your page, could easily be changed by the platform removing 17 of their existing formats the next day. The way we behave, engage, click and watch changes rapidly, and therefore we need to change the strategy in the same pace. It might even be that you need to switch platforms, focus and shut down accounts, because the goals you’ve set aren’t possible to reach on the platforms any longer. This means an ever changing, constantly developing strategy instead of a static one.

So here are my quick tips on how to keep your social media strategy updated and relevant:

  • Always analyze the content and what triggers the interaction you want. If not on a daily basis then at least on a weekly basis, and minimum on a monthly basis depending on the posting cadence.
  • A/B testing is always a good idea. Then you see the difference the small tweaks create, and can adjust your strategy accordingly. Plus, it allows you to learn double as fast as with regular content, and who doesn’t want to cheat if it’s allowed?
  • Don’t get KPI greedy. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one KPI for your post, since you want to achieve so much. However, the exact same content or post can’t do it all for you. It’s better if you chose one primary KPI and then optimize the post to perform towards it, and nothing else.

To sum it up, you should know your KPI’s and what your business want to achieve, but the strategy that takes you there needs to change constantly. Therefore it’s time to rethink the “stick to the strategy”, and instead embrace and implement the ever changing strategy.

While figuring out how you now should proceed with this information, here’re some goats doing parkour ⬇️

Fanny Lövenheim
Social Strategist