Why I always judge a book by its cover

I always wander around the book aisle at the store looking at books. There is something about the feeling of the untouched paper and the shiny covers that have always intrigued me. And every time I travel, I buy a paperback, exclusively because of its cover, knowing that I probably won’t read it, but it will look good on my bookshelf.


This might be an unusual behaviour, but I am not alone in this: people like beautiful designs, whether it’s books, clothes, jewellery, cars, the list goes on. People enjoy looking and using beautiful objects because it gives them pleasure and it satisfies their senses.


In our world, the same goes for an idea, a website, merchandise or a simple banner. Good looking production means more value and higher perceived quality. It is what psychology defines as the Halo effect. Good-looking people for instance are generally perceived as more successful, confident and intelligent. This is because a good impression influences opinion in another area.


In short: beautiful designs are perceived more valuable and easier than less appealing ones.

Luca DeastiComment