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context: Fotografiska is no ordinary museum


Fotografiska is anything but your regular museum. It is an international melting pot, combining world-class photography and an avant-garde restaurant with a buzzing bar scene, learning academy and modern conversation hub.

Heading into 2017, the brand was getting ready for a global expansion (new locations in different countries) and realised that its digital customer journey was not in par with the experience of the physical space.






Before starting any redesign work we ought to assess what works and what doesn’t. To get a complete picture, we combined different tools and methods:

  • Google Analytics, to understand current website performance and customer journeys
  • Expert review, to assess usability and content
  • User tests, to gather end-users’ impressions and expectations
  • Benchmark, to define a standard in the museum business


We stepped into this project without having a defined outcome. Fotografiska wanted us to be their transition partner and to redesign the digital customer journey. Whatever it takes.




Compose simple and relevant customer touch points

Since the assessment revealed major structural issues, the information architecture of the entire experience had to be redefined. This was done for each of the Fotografiska pillars (Visit, Experience, Learn and Shop) and with each of the personas in mind.




Combine design principles and customer needs

It’s finally time to assemble all the elements from previous steps into design mockups where the design comes to life into the different pages.

From design to app and e-commerce, we make sure all channels are visually consistent, not only by making beautiful screens but also by implementing and testing all steps of the way.


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“As a member, I want my visit to be curated from when I step away from home until I am back.”




Bring mobile technology to the museum space

One of the existing channels for Fotografiska was a mobile app. Besides being functional inadequate, the app was not  bringing much values to the most loyal visitors, the Fotografiska Members.

Through the usage of beacon technology, we were able to design a member experience that is timely and meaningful inside and outside the walls of Fotografiska.